Privacy Policy

Blue Panda (BP) and Blue Panda E-Testing (BPET) are services of Pixel Point LLC.

Your privacy is important to us. This policy outlines what information we collect from you and how it is used, shared, and protected. By your use of Blue Panda services, you agree to the following policy. If you have any questions or concerns around this policy, please contact us with the contact information at the end of the policy.


What Personal Information Is Collected?

  1. Information You Enter – We collect information you may enter on user account recovery, conference/event registration, surveys, judging submissions, testing answers and submissions, feedback responses, e-testing, competition entries, and other methods. This information is used to provide the services the user is registered to receive, either through self-registration or by a third party (teacher, administrator, conference organizer, etc.).
  2. Information From Conference Organizers, Membership Data Providers, Teachers, or others – Personal information is collected during the conference registration process or e-testing registration process by conference organizers, educators, or other input users. These users are required to be authorized to release the information they enter into Blue Panda software for use in Blue Panda.
  3. Information collected from cookies or browser meta data – This information is used to maintain the security and identification of your account as it is being used.
  4. Information submitted from E-Testing – Answers to questions, and feedback on tests, is used to calculate the score for the competition, provide feedback on performance, and improve the scoring process.
  5. Information submitted from Rating Sheets/Judging – Scores and comments on rating sheets are entered by judges and used to calculate the score for the competition, provide feedback on performance, and improve the scoring process.
  6. Information received through support channels – Emails, support tickets, chats, and phone call notes or transcripts are retained to provide you support and improve product quality and support services.


How We Use Personal Information Collected?

  • The information collected is used to provide the services you are registered to receive.
  • We may use contact information to follow-up on assisting you with these services, following up on issues, questions, or feedback, or notifications/releases related to these services.
  • Phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses may be used to contact you by Pixel Point, 3rd party contractors, and event organizers.
  • Information collected may be used by Pixel Point LLC during development and testing and/or to improve the product or service.
  • Your name, with or without your organization’s name, may be released in the form of schedules, winners lists, e-testing manifests, competitor lists, award or participation certificates, name badges, other conference print materials, and/or other exports. Users who print or export information from Blue Panda must be authorized to do so and use the data in accordance with COPPA, FERPA, and existing privacy policy requirements.

Who Has Access To My Information

  • Pixel Point employees and its contractors have access to servers and files where Blue Panda data is stored.
  • Access is made to Root Org Admins (account holders) of Blue Panda and those Root Org Admins authorize access to either directly or through delegated authority.
  • Access is made to National Membership Providers for receipt and updates of membership data in Blue Panda.

How/When Is Personal Information Shared?

Personal information may be shared with:

  • Root Org Admins and those they delegate access to for the conference/event/competition/testing/account management areas and processes.
  • Contractors, Employees, and Business Partners of Pixel Point LLC for use in providing the contracted services and improving the product and/or service.
  • As required by Law including law enforcement required action or in fulfillment of legal process served.

Information is stored at our data center in a secure manner in a manner to prevent unauthorized access.


How Can I Manage My Personal Information?

You can request to have all data deleted we have collected on you. To do so please contact us to have your identity confirmed.


Children Account Access

Pixel Point LLC does not sell services or products directly to children (those under 18 years old). Pixel Point LLC does not allow children to self-register for accounts. Access to Blue Panda resources is granted only by purchase or request of an adult with authorization to share information on those specific children, such as an authorized educator, conference organizer, or parent. Access is granted implicitly to Root Org Admins of the account holding the information. Access requests by children under 18 requesting access to Blue Panda will be denied. Those other than parents or guardians are responsible for obtaining parental consent before sharing that data with Blue Panda. If you are under 18 your access must be requested and/or granted by a parent, guardian, educator or conference organizer authorized to share your information.


Parental Review

If you are a parent or legal guardian of a child and wish to review their information on our servers, and/or request that information be deleted, please contact us to do so. We will require verification of parental legal identity to process the request.


Changes to Privacy Policy

We will, from time to time, make changes to our Privacy Policy or other policies. Please check back from time to time to keep informed of current policies.


Contact Us

For questions, comments, or concerns about this policy or other policies and practices, please contact us at:

Pixel Point LLC | Blue Panda Services


9537 Hemlock Drive

Huntsville, AL 35803

Please include your name and return contact information if a response is requested.