Engage and Grow.

Live & On-Demand Virtual Experiences

From virtual conferences to year-long training libraries, or something in the middle, Blue Panda ENGAGE is the perfect opportunity for you to connect virtually and grow with your customers.

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View Tracking

Video hosting and view tracking with Youtube and Vimeo.

Live Event Support

Live event support with Zoom, Youtube Live, Vimeo Live, or your own custom plugins.

Customizable Interface

Fully customized navigation menu right down to the icons.

Pin videos for future viewing

Pin videos to your watchlist.

Track viewing progress

Track your progress and pickup in a video where you left off.

Easily attach resources

Attach downloadable resources to media modules.

About Blue Panda Engage

Is Engage an LMS?

We’d like to call it an “LMS-Lite”. Engage can host media modules and resources and provides tracking of participation in those programs. Some users are hosting training libraries to provide on-demand materials available all year. Send us a message and let’s see if our service will cover your requirements and engage your participants!

Can I use this for Live Events?

Sure can! Media modules can be tagged as on-demand or scheduled. You can host live events spread out on your schedule, or condensed in a back to back scheduled day. Engage was designed to bridge the spectrum from pure on-demand programming to live-only events and everything in between.

How does this help our participants?

Our focus is on helping you reach your participants and engage them to learn and grow. Your participants will see their progress and access all of their materials in one place.

How does this help us as an organization or event organizer?

Engage hosts all of your content in one place keeping things organized. Analytics tell you how individual participants are progressing through your program. Built in messaging provides you a way to reach your participants without a separate communication platform.

See which programming resonates with your audience
Promote upcoming live events
Stay organized with media collections and separate engagements

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